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Tivat is located in the central part of Boka Bay and is the only city on the Montenegrin coast with an airport that omagućava easy and simple to attract tourists from the far western, Asian and other destinations. Tivat has a very mild, Mediterranean climate - 250 sunny days a year with an average temperature of 15 degrees.

The development of tourism in Tivat started the sixties of the last century to be built when the growing number of hotels, tourist resorts, camps, part of which is still working today.

Tivat is surrounded by a large number of beautiful beaches. The largest and most important the Blue Horizon beach with fine sand, which has a positive effect on the recovery of rheumatic diseases. There are also beach Pržno, Town and Belane and Camellia, Palma, Kalardovo and others.

Tivat has the best equipped and best-kept marina on the southern Adriatic, where increasingly wealthy tourists coming with expensive yachts and boats. Around the Marina Porto Montenegro is built or will soon be a major tourist resort with expensive apartments, hotels and services for the provision of services to owners of yachts, all of which the city provides great opportunities for the development of nautical tourism, which brings stable and significant revenue.

Throughout the year Tivat is full of olive and palm trees, cypresses, citrus trees and other Mediterranean vegetation. The city abounds with flowers, trees, mimosa and camellia attractive. Tivat is the most beautiful park in the Gulf and various trees and greenery sailors brought from their faraway travels and voyages. Two Trees eukarija, according to some, the only one in the Balkans.

The village of Donja Lastva, Tivat Municipality, characterized by harmonious older building, but the ambience more narušavuju modern facilities for living and holidays. In the center of the small town is an old stone house by the sea with beautiful tree-lined promenade and palm trees, balconies, cvijećnjacima, with its pier and pier. The area is dominated by the bell tower of the parish church. The core of the small town has preserved its earlier appearance which gives a special charm to this Boka village.
In Lower Lastva family Bolici built in the mid-sixteenth century chapel of St. Rocco, which later became the property of the family Buca. At the beginning of the last century on the foundations of its locals have built a very lijpo church of Saint Roch where an interesting icon by the famous Greek icon painter, dedicated Tryphon.

Lastva today has a number of beautifully landscaped villas and houses that the owners are issued to tourists on vacation.

Gornja Lastva is interesting Mediterranean village, at 300 meters above sea level on the slopes of Vrmac podignto with a distinctive view of the Bay of Tivat, Lustica and more. From the main road is three kilometers away. The parish churches of St. Mary was built in the XIV century and it keeps a number of valuable works of art.


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