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Kolasin is a tourist place where it is possible to stay at any time of year, especially in winter and summer. Many consider this city an air spa bearing in mind the exceptional and favorable climatic conditions.

Kolasin area exceptional value given the mountains that surround it. All these mountains are rugged mountain roads that summer hikers and campers move, going to visit some areas. In winter the mountains under the snow cover from 70 to 120 days, which provides excellent opportunities zasve kinds of winter sports and this city is slowly becoming a true winter resort with all the amenities.

Main local attraction is the National Park Biogradska mountains which is located between the peaks of Bjelasica and occupies an area of ​​4,000 ha, of which is covered by forest 2.600 ha, and the rest are mountain meadows and pastures. Biogradska gora is one of the last three rainforests in Europe. At the heart of the National Park is Lake Biograd which is a real pearl of mountain Bjelasica, and belongs stupid glacial lakes that are traditionally also called "mountain eyes". A special place among the natural beauty and landscapes occupy canyons, mountain beauty Tara and Moraca.

In the area of ​​Kolasin there are a lot of important cultural - historical monuments from the old past, which have long since found a significant place in history and our cultural heritage. The most significant of these monuments is certainly the Moraca Monastery which is located on the right bank of the eponymous river. Was built in 1252. It was built by Stevan, son of Vukan and grandson of Stefan Nemanja.


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Private accommodation "Radovic" is in Kolasin Mojkovac Street, near the hotel "Bianca". The facility consists of three four-bed apartments, of which two studio apartments and one duplex.

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