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Bar growing into a modern city, spacious streets, with plenty of greenery and Mediterranean plants which are dynamically developing. At the end of the last century it was a city with a developed maritime, port and railway transport, trade, food and other industries and tourism. Beginning of this century was marked by the expansion of tourism and facilities in its function. Tome favorable natural and climatic conditions - beautiful sea beach in Sutomore, Čanj and Dobra Voda and an average of 270 sunny days per year.
Tourist card Bara today make many interesting buildings, hotels, restaurants and cafes, and shops and sports facilities. This is a young city that has over two thousand students at several private schools, and nearly as many srednoškolaca. Over fifty sports clubs and associations have at their disposal a sports and recreation center with two stadiums, tartan track and a large sports hall "Topolica" 3,000 of which are maintained in recent years European and other international championships. On preparations are often sports teams from the region. There is also a marina with more than a thousand berths and "Marina St. Nikola" which give a strong impetus to the development of nautical tourism in this area.

Bar with the hinterland linking modern roads and railways modernized, and within fifty kilometers of airports in Podgorica and Tivat. Maritime line three times a week is associated with the Italian port of Bari, while in summer passenger boats depart daily to Bari twice a week to Ancona.

The cultural and historical heritage of Bara says more than 30 cultural monuments. The most famous and certainly the most important is the Old Bar with its findings. After he was freed from the Turks, Montenegrins, 1878, the town was abandoned and its buildings have begun to fade and slowly disappear under the force of the weather, earthquakes and human negligence. Along with his disappearance evolved Novi Bar on the coast, five kilometers away. But, Stari Bar remained an example of how people of different faiths and nationalities develop and promote coexistence, tolerance and peace.

Bar is hosting a traditional cultural and tourist event Bar Chronicle that during the peak tourist season realized more than fifty music, literature, theater, art and other interesting programs. Popular entertainment series "Summer with the Stars" takes place on the promenade. At the end of October will be held the international television festival, which is the best festival of feature and documentary tv -ostvarenja from all over the world. There are also traditional autumn Children's creators' old olive tree, "Maslinijada, Mrkojevića Days, Days of Wine and Bleak in Virpazar, swimming marathon Sutomore - Bar," Port Cup "in women's volleyball, athletics and International Aero show and other events.


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The apartment is located in the center of Bara. From the town square is only three minutes walk.

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