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Virpazar is famous Crmnica resort and the first stop for all who come to the coast and want to visit the National Park "Skadar Lake" cruise on the lake and visit the Rijeka Crnojevića or several famous cultural and historical monuments on the islands. It is connected by rail and highway with Podgorica which is significantly shortened to Bar nearby tunnel "Sozina".

Virpazar is surrounded by attractive CRMNICA villages with vineyards in which ripens the famous "Cormorant" and host of valuable cellars full of top quality wine and brandy. The tradition of growing grapes and producing famous wine "Vranac" and "Krtošija" is over five centuries. There are various wine cellars that tourists visit tasting authentic drinks and traditional dishes of national cuisine.

Skadar lake with islets, which locals call Gorica and beautiful sandy beach in Murica. At enjoyed by nature lovers, bird hunting and fishing. Skadar Lake National Park is, when the tectonic processes do crypto, is the largest in the Balkans and one of the most complex ecosystems in Montenegro with ptičjimn reserve and 45 fish species. Bar municipality belonging to 67 kilometers of the lake jagged coastline with many bays and several picturesque fishing villages. The most famous is the village Godinje characterized by unusual architecture and in the vicinity of the known archaeological Mijele with objects from the Iron Age.

Virpazar has fewer hotels and more private houses with apartments and rooms for receiving guests who are less retained. At the end of the year is held the traditional manifestation "Days of wine and bleak" which brings together visitors and tourists not only from the municipality of Bar, but also the entire region. This is an opportunity for guests to enjoy quality wine and fish, especially bleak, which is due to the large overfishing increasingly in the lake.


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Apartments Draga in the National Park Skadar Lake in Virpazar, on the coast with a beautiful view of the lake.
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