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Prcanj – the Ivo Vizin's place

Prcanj , fantasy fishing village on the coast, only four kilometers from the old town of Kotor, is perfect for tourists who like to rest in peace, away from the bustle. This is possible if you stay at one of the villas or room home built in accordance with the requirements of modern nomads.

Tourists in Prcanj have the opportunity to visit several interesting cultural and historical monuments, among which the church belongs to the Vrmac, dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary. The church was built between 1789 and 1913 and designed by architect venecijaskog Makarucija. Besides this church, the largest in the Bay, are to Andrew Zmajevića, Štrosmajera, Njegos and other prominent personalities and seafarers including the bust of Ivo Visine, a man from the area who sailed around the world.

Prcanj is mentioned in the XIII century as a homeland combat sailors, and in the seventeenth century, this small town and its sailors were held mailing relationship with Venice.


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