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Jaz Beach and villages in its immediate surroundings provide excellent conditions for a quiet family vacation, but also to actively engage in various forms of recreation and sports - from swimming, diving, fishing, boating and watercraft while walking to a beach of 1200 meters. The beach is located a few kilometers Budva and has repeatedly been the stage for spectacular musical concerts and other entertainment programs.

On the coast and in the hinterland of their services to tourists offers several hotels, motels, private villas in apartments or rooms and restaurants. The beach is far from Tivat airport only fifteen kilometers, and has a good communication not only with Budva and Kotor, but also elsewhere in the Bay of Kotor to which tourists drains and returning tourist boats and boats.

Near the beach Jaz, at a little more than two kilometers away are the towns of Prijevor and Kotoru.

Prijevor less Budvansko village three kilometers from Budva, in which the population increasingly involved in tourism and the release of their apartments in newly constructed homes. There is also the namesake motel from whose terrace the apartment offers a nice view of the part of the bay.

Kotoru is a quiet neighborhood, only about 2 kilometers from the beach Jaz. The population is mainly engaged in agriculture, but because of the favorable-position, proximity to the beach Jaz, beaches, a lot of young people are turning to tourism and tourist services priužanju. There are a number of quality accommodation at very affordable prices.


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