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Well-known resort, sports and recreation center in the municipality of Cetinje, John troughs, named after Ivan Crnojevic. From Cetinje is 14 kilometers away and in it there are hotels, apartments and resorts, modern equipped and furnished, suitable for recreation in summer and winter. There is a palace - summer palace of King Nikola in which he carried out the necessary reconstruction. There is also a space for organizing pik-nik, a training ground for small sports and amusement park for children and avantusristički park, bike trails and other facilities.

On top of Mount Lovcen and the mausoleum of the greatest Montenegrin poet, philosopher and ruler Njegoš. Cultural and historical memorial visitor center of the National Park Service has a guide and map with marked hiking trails and other necessary information for visiting the park, which covers more than six acres. It is characterized by a rich flora and fauna with over 1,300 plant species, many of which are endemic.

Tourist center Ivanova sinks, surrounded by centuries old beech and pine forest in a national park Lovcen, is ideal for development of excursion and health tourism, organized hiking and the school of young ecologists.

At Ivan's riverbeds are organized in April and September meetings of Conservation and July 13, the National Day is held the international roller speed auto race.


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Chalet in which can accommodate up to 8 persons is located in the National Park Lovcen, location Mali Bostur. There are three private rooms with 8 beds.

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