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Perast – the oldest, settlement of Boka and eco zone


Perast is considered the oldest settlement in the Boka Bay with remains from the Neolithic period to the age of three and a half thousand years before Christ. Tourists are interesting many archaeological exhibits which bear witness to the turbulent history of the town that had its full flowering experienced in the XVII and XVIII century when he had a highly developed maritime and Zanatsvo. Perast then there are the first school for seafarers, and attend a larger group of Russian sailors.

Here tourists can get acquainted with interesting građevinama.Tu even 14 churches from different periods, and some twenty palaces famous maritime family, mute testimony to the former Perasta, baddest fame and fortune.

Perast represents a whole with the sea and two obližnaja island. Prirorodno island of St. George has received the church and monastery. On it are the graves of Illyrian, Roman inscriptions and monuments. Isle of Our Lady of the Rocks was created disposal of old ships and passing stones and other material from the coast. Over time, the space expanded and it has raised an interesting architecture to developers church with a chapel from the XVII century, whose interior is decorated by the famous painter Perasta Tripo Kokolj.

Museum of Church Sveti Nikola has a rich collection of relics, silver and wooden crosses, icons, baroque paintings and old books. It is interesting to see the Baroque altar with marble angels. Our Lady of the Rocks with valuable carvings, a collection of handicrafts, old weapons and tools.

Tourists in May, can participate in the ceremony of decoration of young elm and shooting the rooster, and in July at the races and other events.

During the summer months, the town's main street is closed to motor vehicle traffic. Transport vehicles are carried by electricity.

Excellent accommodations can be found in private homes or hotels and landscaped to represent a real blend of modern and traditional. Restaurants that are located on the promenade you confirm Peraški traditional hospitality.


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