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Budva years considered tourist capital, not only on the Montenegrin coast, but also in the region. The old urban core after the earthquake was returned to its former glory. In historical sources Budva is mentioned in the fifth century BC, and the legend says that it was founded by the Phoenicians, the oldest seafaring in the Mediterranean Sea.

Near the city walls are the hotels Avala, Mogren and other tourist establishments that make up a separate unit.

At Slovenska plaza, designed by the Slovenian architect John Kobe after the earthquake was built a distinctive tourist town in an area of ​​over 20 hectares. The beach is close by and impeccably decorated and furnished. Budva otherwise, in the opinion of many tourists, has the most pleasant beaches in the Mediterranean. Besides the Slovenian beach, there are Mogren, Jaz beach in Milocer and near Sveti Stefan, Kamenovo, Pržno, Petrovačka and others.

Old Town in the summer months becomes an open stage where take place theater, music and other cultural resources.

Budva is well connected with the environment and the region. At 25 km is Tivat, 75 km from Podgorica airport, and not much further not Ćilipi airport near Dubrovnik. There are numerous bus routes to Bar, Podgorica and other towns in the interior. At forty kilometers the train station in Bar, which connects with Belgrade and other major cities of Europe. At the same distance from the Port of Bar which there are frequent ship lines to Bari and Ancona.


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