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Čanj with a Pearl coast and Queen's Beach


Čanj is another known ljetovališete on the part of the Bar shore, not far from Sutomore, about a kilometer and a half from the main road Bar - Budva.

Sixties of the last century it were the first hotels to break their workers raised the company from Serbia and other regions around the unified "Rekreaturs" from Belgrade. It was one of the most beautiful and najeftinijih labor resorts on the Adriatic. Today, it builds more privartnih hotels and villas, luxury homes Upon us to provide better quality services to numerous tourist guests. They have their own restaurants, bars and the resort has a number of other restaurants with a variety of entertainment programs and music for children, youth and other visitors.

Čanj has a beautiful pebble beach, 1,200 meters long, which guests are rightly called the Pearl Coast. Nearby is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic - the Queen, which can be reached by boat, and which in its time bathed Montenegrin Queen Milena. The planned construction of hotels on the beach with the turquoise blue sea. Between the Queen and the White beach is attractive and Blue Grotto.

In čanjskoj bay is situated the sports fields and more suitable for recreation and maintenance of workers' games. Diving enthusiasts can enjoy the rich underwater world. The mild Mediterranean climate, air currents, warm sand and more favorable treatment of bronchial and rheumatic diseases.


42.161522612841, 19.000638574362

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Čanj is a small fishing village located 13 km from Bara, 5km from Petrovac. It has a large sandy beach, and in close proximity of the famous Queen's Beach.

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