Apartments Montenegro - Montenegro accommodation directly from the owner

Montenegro is a small country in southeastern Europe. Get out on the Adriatic Sea along the coast rich sand, rocks and shady beaches. There are lot of lakes, among which is the largest Skadar Lake. On a small geographical area, within its borders, changed several times throughout history has four national parks, abundant mountain ranges, like Prokletije and contains a multitude of protected natural and historical monuments.
That was more than enough to put the world's professional staff in an extremely desirable tourist destination. for many years are available to domestic and foreign tourists with a varied offer of Accommodations.
Our small team is constantly trying to improve and more efficiently a wide range of private and hotel accommodation so accessible.
Presentations are made with great precision and sufficient information.
Owners provide the possibility of direct negotiations with the guests and dictate its own conditions of booking.

Accommodation in the form of rooms, apartments, bungalows, villas and camping services is carefully selected and checked.
Our offer includes a range of different positions, consistent quality and affordable prices.
Montenegro can boast of accommodation units and friendly hosts who follow the world's trend.

With all the information given here, we only wish you a warm welcome, whether you have decided on the sea or the mountain, your stay will certainly be unforgettable.