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The biggest attraction that draws the attention of all the tourists who sing Budva Riviera certainly is a city hotel Sveti Stefan holiday where guests spend the high spending power, well-known names from the world of film and the arts, business and politics. A former fishing village turned into a half-century hotel in the city, which in recent years has gained even more luxurious look and equipment.

City abounds with a variety of Mediterranean plants. Unique is its beautiful beaches of reddish sand which makes the contrast with the surrounding greenery and the coast, and the crystal-clear sea.

Svetostefanska village above the beach with luxury private villas and small hotels, surrounded by Mediterranean trees and various plants. In these facilities, their friendly owners, tourists and guests are welcomed in their rooms and apartments throughout the year. According to coast down the attractive streets and stepeništa.Srednjovjekovni monastery squib practically carved in stone and is located near St. Stephen.

Sveti Stefan is mentioned in the documents of the mid-fifteenth century, when the fortress was built and the first settlement, which protected the local population from attacks by the Turks and pirates. It was named after the eponymous church. Since Budva is ten kilometers away.


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