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One of the most interesting tourist towns of Boka and Risan, founded in the third century BC. The nearby village Lipci has drawings on the rock, the oldest in Montenegro, which testifies that the settlement existed since the early Stone and early Bronze Age. Risan after the establishment soon became the center of the Illyrian tribes, whose country has experienced great progress, led by the famous Queen Teuta which is in this position seek refuge from the onslaught of the Romans. The city was Illyrian and forge money whose specimens are found in rich archaeological remains.

Risan Illyrians soon after the Romans, fitted at a later Nemanjići and the Kingdom of Bosnia. Just a year are held by the Spanish, then the Turks and the Venetians, Austro-Hungarians and the French, and he was under the Russians.

Tourists in Risan unavoidable need to see the famous Roman mosaics from the late third and early second century BC, at the center of the God Hypnos, a unique presentation of this kind on the eastern Adriatic Sea. In the center of Risan is the famous palace of the family Ivelić built in the eighteenth century.


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