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Petrovac is another nice tourist resort in the municipality of Budva, which in recent decades has grown into a town of hotels and villas with rooms and apartments, which also has other necessary conditions for the rest of modern tourists. Today, it has modern hotels, numerous villas and holiday apartments that have a total capacity of over 20,000 beds.

In addition to the large and beautiful, sandy beach of Petrovac, 600 meters long, around her is in many ways a unique harbor beach (220m), the beach Small sand and several small sandy coves that Petrovac ranks among the most beautiful tourist destinations of the Montenegrin coast.

Petrovac is often guests year after year because they found it appealing for peace and the beauty of its beaches, who in many ways make it special, but they are a good opportunity to visit and tour and other places in the southern part of the Adriatic.

Petrovac was built in the lush greenery of olive, laurel, oleander, oranges, lemons and other Mediterranean plants located in the hinterland of its beaches and the dozens of smaller rural settlements. In its vicinity are two small islands - Katic and St. Sunday, and the place is famous for its Roman mosaics from the third century, which is presented to the god of sleep Hypnos. Although Petrovac old settlement known as the Kastel Lastva, its present name was given after World War I by King Peter I Karadjordjevic.


42.205088996727, 18.94381865859

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