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Njeguši - the birthplace of Montenegrin rulers


Njeguši are small but famous village in the municipality of Cetinje, the homeland of Montenegrin rulers from the Petrovic dynasty that ruled Montenegro, two centuries. Makes it a vast and fertile field, and the periphery of the raised stone houses in a karst area. The complex houses Petrovic is preserved and in it the birth house of the great Montenegrin poet, philosopher and ruler of Bishop Petar II Petrovic Njegos, then the father's house of King Nikola and other rulers. All of them are simple rectangular stone buildings undecorated. It is interesting that this place has as many as 15 churches that were owned by the local tribe.

Njeguši are already known and fertile land where the residents engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. In recent decades there have been several meetings and drive for storage and processing of meat. This place is famous for "Njeguška ham", dried and oil-guarded "Njegusi cheese", dried sheep meat - kaštradina and other specialties and organic products.

In Njeguši open and tourist ethno village and a number of apartments and restaurants and restaurants where visitors can get meals from national cuisine, wines, brandy and honey. Njeguši are located on the route of the old road that linked Cetinje and Kotor and in which there are 25 sharp bends which offer fantastic views of the beautiful Bay of Kotor Bay and the town which is under UNESCO protection.


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Apartment on a little quiet on the Bay of Kotor.
The apartment features a living room, kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom.

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