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Dobrota – settlement with centuries of maritime tradition


A kilometer from the ancient town of Kotor, there is a bounty, the largest village in the municipality with Destak thousand inhabitants. In the reign of Rome was called Dabratum and Venetians him for war merit given the status of municipalities that had abolished only in the middle of the last century. Interestingly Goodness in XVII and XIX century has the most boats in the Bay when he received the rank of maritime town. In that time were built palaces families Dabinović-Kokot, Ivanovic, Tripković, Milosevic and others.

Besides the material remains of the Roman era in the goodness of the churches - St. Elijah of XII and Our Lady of Mercy of XIV, and Church of Sv. Eustahije whose interior is made in the Baroque style and the church of Sv. Mateja Bellini with the famous painting of the Madonna with child.

Goodness has a hundred apartments in private houses that are located by the sea, and not much burdened road along the coast that visitors and locals often used for walking. Boutique Hotel and Guesthouse located on the coast are mostly the former palace of the shipowner which are converted by converting the perfect place for a holiday.


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