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Sometimes a lot of the weekend settlement where the houses built many Belgraders, citizens of Novi Sad, Podgorica residents and residents of other parts of Serbia and Montenegro, now a small tourist village eight kilometers away from Bar to Ulcinj. It is known for its gravelly beach arch - Great sand, about 400 meters long, with clear clean water in which to bathe almost half a year not only residents and guests, good water and Pečurica Mrkojevića, but many Barani and tourists staying at other places. In the surroundings covered with olive trees, citrus trees and other Mediterranean plants located several beaches like rubbing, NISIĆ, Marin board, Mali sand Peskaća and others.

At the Great Volleyball is open to guests over the beautifully landscaped hotel, villas and apartments with restaurants, bars and other catering establishments. Fun, songs and plays often last until the early hours. The beach is equipped with furniture and other equipment that visitors can hire, and there are all the other conditions for peaceful and pleasant family holiday, diving, fishing and swimming in the clear and warm sea water.


42.036845130133, 19.147002026439

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The beach Veliki Pijesak is located in Dobra Voda near Bar, adjacent beach is a consolation. The capacity is 2 784 beach bathers. Lining the gravel and in some places sandy-gravel.

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