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Baošići were once a small fishing village in the Boka Kotorska Bay ten kilometers east of Herceg Novi. It was known to its fishermen, sailors and artisans. At some time there were even thirty long sailing ships and about 50 captains.

The name of Baošići is most probably attributed to the famous Montenegrin dynasty of Bolsheviks from whose reigns and now there are the remains of Balsić dvora and well. Today, Baošići is a nice tourist resort, very comfortable for a quiet family vacation on one of the small sandy beaches. It is famous for the largest mimosa plants in Montenegro. Each year, the first Saturday in February, the closing ceremony of the Mimoza Holidays is attended by a large number of tourists who welcome the locals and serve fish and wine with the song and game of maozoretki. Along the coast of Baošić, a tiny fishing village, it is often a happy sculpture, oleander, banana and many kinds of tropical palms.

Baošići have more sights. Church of St. Nicholas, the patron sailor, was built in Baošići more than 400 years ago and restored at the beginning of the 19th century. There is also the first private museum of naval captain Štumberger with models of old ships and other maritime and ethnographic exhibits. Attention is also drawn to the memorial plaque of French poet Pjero Lotus as a sign of his visit to this place in 1880 when he found himself as a naval officer and fell in love with the village Paskval Ivanovic for which he wrote one of his stories.

In front of the coasts of Đenovići and Baošići in February 1918, the Bokeljian sailors of the former Austro-Hungarian landowner broke out. Today this coast is called "The Red Sea Coast."


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