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Kotor - Old Town, part of the UNESCO list


Kotor is the largest city of Boka Bay, which with its beauty attracts many visitors and tourists from around the world. Besides the motorized tourists, most visitors arrive here large passenger ships, cruise takozavnim - tours that can hold several hours. But that would be visited and seen all the sights of the Old Town and its Maritime Museum takes a lot more time, even days. About 60% of the cultural heritage of Montenegro is not in Boka and Kotor. They testify to an extremely tumultuous history of Kotor, a city which, according to tradition existed in the 12 century BC under the name KATAREO which later changed over time. In the seventh century AD it became the capital city of the Bay. I am exceptional builder, it has historically been famous sailors and shipbuilders, diplomats, printers, poets, painters, merchants and craftsmen.

The old town has three entrances, a main gate to the sea. Beauty attract many restored palaces in the Baroque style after the big zemlotresa who Kotor destroyed in 1667. In one of them today houses the Maritime Museum with an extremely valuable collection of exhibits. Dominant is the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon built in the twelfth century, and there is also the largest of several squares - Square of Arms. On it for twelve centuries lining Boka Navy that their special costumes, songs and folklore in the best way preserves the rich tradition of the ancient city of Kotor.

The rights would be a shame for tourists was not to see and visit the unique walls of the Old City, a long four and a half kilometers wide and 15 meters high and 20 meters, which offer a magnificent view of the entire bay.

Because of its rich heritage of Kotor is UNESCO-registered in the register of the world's cultural heritage.

Kotor is the outstanding tourist and coastal city that is almost no better beach, except concrete and stone quay in front of the few hotels. Probably because in it they rarely get visitors who only want to enjoy the sea, sun and hot sand. Nevertheless, there are frequent restaurants, bars and other catering establishments where guests are offered excellent local food, fish and wine.

Kotor is a city rich in cultural and carnival events taking place not only through Bokeških evening but many masked balls in summer and winter.


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House 561 is located in the center of Kotor, in the heart of the beautiful Bay of Kotor. The old town is only a few steps away from the brand new apartments inside the hundred-year-old house.

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