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Herceg Novi is a city in which tourism plays a significant role health tourism facilities which are located in Igalo and Meljine. Highway is connected to all the places on the Montenegrin coast to Ulcinj and to Cetinje, Podgorica and Niksic. In its immediate vicinity are two international airports - Tivat at 20 km and 28 km from Dubrovnik.

Herceg Novi has two markets - Bela Vista (Beautiful View) in the Old Town to which can be reached through the main square of Nikola Djurkovic, which used to be called Market of salt because it sold the salt. Old Town Square is a true architectural gem. It has a church in the Byzantine style, city archives, library, art gallery, cafeteria ... There is a church of Sv. Archangel Michael is unique in the iconostasis of stone. On Kanli tower are held music festivals and filmmaking, and Herceg Novi has annually hosted the Mimosa Festival, sunny rocks, as well as the many art exhibitions, theater and literary programs.

Herceg Novi is covered in lush greenery and subtropical vegetation to him by the sailors from all over the world. Today it is a city of mimosas, palm trees, oleanders, cacti, agaves, magnolias and eucalyptus, maritime pine and other ornamental plants and flowers. Its narrow streets link numerous steep stairs that descend to the sea and beaches. Nobel laureate Ivo Andric Novi called the "city of eternal greenery, sun and promenades."

Herceg Novi has an excellent view of the sea and the peninsula Lustica and Prevlaka between which often sail numerous yachts, sailboats and fishing boats, and large passenger ships - cruisers that attracts the attention of tourists and guests. In addition to the coast, five kilometers long promenade from Igalo to Meljine. While Kotor for many the most beautiful Montenegrin town with its baroque palaces and fortresses, the other is to Herceg Novi full sun, with its villas and lush greenery.


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